About Us

We have two little boys who are very rambunctious, and like most house holds out there, the main living area of our home is our trophy room. When we were hanging skulls we searched for products that were sleek and didn't take up more space than needed, but were also secure enough that our family activities did not put our mounts or children at risk of injury. We purchased a few different products, but they all seemed to "fall" short of our needs, and with just one small bump a priceless trophy was destroyed beyond repair. After hearing so many other stories like ours, we decided that the time was here for something better. This is how Dead On Display came about.

Dead On Display allows you to “show off your trophy, not their mounting system.” We went to great lengths to make sure the design wasn’t distracting. We also knew as we developed this product that we wanted something that was 100% made in the United States. Our mounts are more that just skulls on the wall. They are memories that we were able to create with the ones we love and they deserve the very best. This system locks the mount internally to the wall to ensure your trophy is secure, at an affordable price, that is easy to install and won’t distract from what you are really the most proud of.